Which One Of These Children’s Books Do You Need On Your Shelf? Or Gift To A Loved One?

Which One Of These Children’s Books Do You Need On Your Shelf? Or Gift To A Loved One?

Sometimes we need a recommendation from someone who has read a children’s book a couple dozen times to let us know if it’s really worth adding to the shelf. These are the must-haves!

Recommended by: Jenna (mom of a kindergartner), Los Angeles

  • Book: Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote by Andrea Beaty (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: The kids in Grade Two get to vote on a class pet and Sofia is named Election Commissioner, in charge of overseeing a fair and honest election. There’s a class-wide campaign and then it’s time for the election. But when the votes are counted, there’s a tie, and one vote is missing! It’s up to Sofia and the Questioneers to restore democracy!
  • Highlight: We love the Questioneers chapter book series and this 2020 installment was a welcome and timely addition. The story allowed us lots of invaluable opportunities to discuss civics as a family and how even really challenging elections can be Learning Experiences.

Recommended by: (again) Jenna, Los Angeles

  • Book: Bips and Roses: Zoey & Sassafras #8 by Asia Citro (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Oh no! There’s a big problem with the forest roses . . . magical roses that are very important because they are the first food for newborn hippogriffs. Can Zoey, Pip, and Sassafras use their science know-how to fix the magical roses before the hippogriff eggs hatch?
  • Highlight: We are always excited to join Zoey and her cat Sassafras on their adventures as they take care of magical creatures and baby hippogriffs were a major favorite in our house. Plus, the author is great at containing the stories within the series so even if #8 is your first Zoey and Sassafras book it will still be delightful and easy to follow.

Recommended by: Amy, Los Angeles

  • Book: LA Is… by Elisa Parhad, Alexander Vidal (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Los Angeles travel book, for littles; look for the clever illustrations and hidden LA icons on the spreads
  • Highlight: I’m biased because my longest-tenured friend wrote this, but also it’s whimsical and witty and a wonderful way to learn about this magical city!

Recommended by: (again) Amy, Los Angeles

  • Book: Red Rover: Curiosity on Mars by Richard HoKatherine Roy (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Exploring the job of a space rover and Mars. Gorgeous illustrations.
  • Highlight: Non-fiction can make you cry! Heartfelt and emotion-filled, even though it’s about a mechanical creature on a far-away planet.

Recommended by: Marty, Little Rock

  • Book: Stella Brings The Family by Miriam B. Schiffer, Holly Clifton-Brown (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Stella’s class is having a Mother’s Day celebration, but what’s a girl with two daddies to do? It’s not that she doesn’t have someone who helps her with her homework, or tucks her in at night. Stella has her Papa and Daddy who take care of her, and a whole gaggle of other loved ones who make her feel special and supported every day. She just doesn’t have a mom to invite to the party. Fortunately, Stella finds a unique solution to her party problem in this sweet story about love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: This book is a jumping off point for talking to kids about anxiety and worry! This book has opened up the door to discuss what worry does to us and how it can be the thief of joy. We needed this.

Recommended by: Halley, Covina

  • Book: Robo-Sauce by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: FACT: Robots are awesome. They have lasers for eyes, rockets for feet, and supercomputers for brains! Plus, robots never have to eat steamed beans or take baths, or go to bed. If only there were some sort of magical “Robo-Sauce” that turned squishy little humans into giant awesome robots… Well, now there is. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: This book transforms, really, you get to fold it into a fun new book. It’s the BEST!

Recommended by: Darleen, Santa Clarita

  • Book: Peyton Picks The Perfect Pie by America’s Test Kitchen, Jack Bishop, Michelle Mee Nutter (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Peyton is particular. But she’s not picky. Grownups use that word a lot. Picky. Picky. Picky. It’s never a good thing. And it’s not fair. Peyton likes dogs and cats, scooters and bikes, pools and beaches. And Peyton likes to try new things. She recently mastered long division in math class and loves to practice the saxophone–as long as her adorable dog Mila doesn’t howl! But Peyton is particular when it comes to food. Peyton doesn’t like it when two foods touch on her plate. Peyton doesn’t like green foods. Or orange foods. Or red foods. Peyton doesn’t like foods that are gooey or gummy, sticky or slimy, frosted or flaky. And Peyton most definitely doesn’t like chunky or lumpy foods. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: We had an opportunity to talk about food, names of foods, and textures. It was fun to read and then refer back to this book all day as we cooked. Good read, but even better teaching tool.

Recommended by: Bess, Arkansas

  • Book: Forever Young by Bob Dylan, Paul Rogers (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Now award-winning artist Paul Rogers gives us a new interpretation of the lyrics. With images inspired by classic Dylan songs and pieces of his life, this is a bold and touching tribute to an anthem whose message will always stay forever young. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: You can sing the whole thing!

Recommended by: Marianne, Indianapolis

  • Book: Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty, David Roberts (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: Rosie Revere dreamed of becoming a great engineer. Where some people see rubbish, Rosie sees inspiration. Alone in her room at night, shy Rosie constructs great inventions from odds and ends. Hot dog dispensers, helium pants, python-repelling cheese hats: Rosie’s gizmos would astound—if she ever let anyone see them. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: It rhymes and it is substantial. Good for bedtime. And very inspiring.

Recommended by: Jennica, Los Angeles

  • Book: What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers  (Click To BUY)
  • Synopsis: A father and daughter set about laying the foundations for their life together. Using their own special tools, they get to work, building memories to cherish, a home to keep them safe, and love to keep them warm. – IndieBound.org
  • Highlight: Oliver Jeffers is my favorite. One of my top 5 writers. Cannot get enough!

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