With Limited Time To Watch TV, These Are The Streaming Binges WORTH EVERY SECOND

With Limited Time To Watch TV, These Are The Streaming Binges WORTH EVERY SECOND

Best streaming binges of the last year! My time is very limited with two little children, a life changing pandemic, and working from home with no childcare. I get maybe 60-90 minutes to relax. So, these are what I thought were worth my time.

These are just a handful of my fav recommendations. This list is drama-heavy. And definitely not safe to watch around kids.

Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard. See. Apple+

Human Body Appreciation: See. Phenomenal world building. Sensational acting, literally. Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard are members of our centered tribe in an entirely blind society set about 400 years in the future. The warfare and tribal culture is notable, but the winning reason to stay is upending what we believe to be weakness. Suffering and adult content. Fav character: Easily Jason Momoa as Baba Voss, but every single cast member leaves a deep impression.

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Cast of Watchmen. HBO.

So Many Dead Bodies: Watchmen. Regina King leads the mysterious and wonderfully colorful extension to the Watchmen universe. The relevant modern peek is worth every minute. You won’t need a background in the series at all as our story is centered on rooted humans in Tulsa and all else is explained enough (or can be quickly googled). The writing is extraordinary, dissecting power and powerlessness. Heavy masking ethics are also a treat for discussion. Fav character: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Cal

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Jennifer Aniston & Billy Crudup. The Morning Show. Apple+

Pandora’s Box: The Morning Show. Wonderful relationship drama handling big concepts around working and living in the messy world of The Morning Show. In depth look at how the #MeToo revelation impacted people involved on all sides and the real life consequences of not grasping the nuances of working and playing together. This show entertains so much that you almost forget that it’s not quite asking the “Where is the line?” question, but then IT DOES and it doesn’t pull any punches. Fav character: Billy Crudup is. Just. Electric.

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Holding Your Breath: Away. Finding out this show was not coming back for Season 2 WHILE I was watching it was pretty devastating. But, seeing it as a miniseries seemed even more appropriate for this show. As a big fan of Josh Charles since The Good Wife, I was going to watch any show he was on, honestly. The crew of the first manned Mars mission is the reason to watch, but you stay because it’s a surprisingly positive look at what it means to work together for humanity. Fav character: Ray Panthaki as Ram

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Paramount Network. Kevin Costner as john Dutton and Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton. Copyright: Copyright © Danno Nell 2019

Beautiful Danger: Yellowstone. My heart is still swooning over this mafia premise between Montana cowboy culture, Reservation governing powers, and greedy land developers. Land is power and no one ever has enough. The obvious redemption story can never be. It’s heartbreaking. We’ve centered this white Montana land owner, but the sins of the Father never cease as someone working the land will still lose to the greedy, as a Native American character, played by the mesmerizing Kelsey Asbille, explains to Costner menacingly that …“You’re the Indian now.” The characters are wild, beautiful, and pained by the sins of taking the land 7 generations before. You have to see Kevin Costner and Gil Birmingham in these roles. Their careers were building towards this dynamic, they are uniquely capable of humanizing overwhelming concepts. Fav character: Luke Grimes as Kayce

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Betty Gabriel and Chris Evans anchor uniformly strong crime drama Defending Jacob
Photo: Apple TV+

Mood Dungeon: Defending Jacob. Stark, dark, relationship drama. It’s a murder mystery in many ways, based on a book with plenty to chew on. The consequences of the cracks in our legal system concerning minors, even for the white elite, are deadly. I loved watching DA Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery, but as it is slow moving, it’ll be the most depressing thing to binge. I know some of you like that deep swampy mood dungeon, I like that too. Fav character: Chris Evans is wonderful to watch.

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Cast of For All Mankind. Apple+

History Candy: For All Mankind. I like space. this period piece reimagining is better than I imagined for a space nerd. AND we get to deal with the humans behind the reason the US trailed behind Russia. A must-see for anyone who loves a science indulgent piece of the past through the fantastical lens of the present. Fav character: Sonya Walger as Molly Cobb

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The Byrde Family on Ozark. Netflix.

Ulcer Maker: Ozark. Jason Bateman is perfectly matched. I cannot believe how dark and twisted and continually brilliant the show continues to be. It’s third Season outdoes itself. It is the darkest parts of Breaking Bad but with extra State politics and women that make the show the extraordinary dark tale that it is. if you don’t have the stomach for some kinds of shows, then you don’t have the stomach for THIS one. Fav character: Every. Damn. Woman. Who. Graces. The. Screen.

Watch now on Netflix.

AFTER ALL THOSE DRAMAS! Enjoy this comedy that is well worth the time-

Ted Lasso. Nick Mohammed, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso. Apple+

Glass More Than Half Full: Ted Lasso. Joyful, surprising, fun, just a mood lifter all around. Jason Sudeikis has hit his perfect show. Hannah Waddingham and Sudeikis have a great working relationship that melts your heart. It’s just fun to watch. Fav character: Nick Mohammed as Nathan.

Watch now on Apple+

Alright, alright. I loved Apple+ shows and every time we went to another network to watch, I came right back to Apple+ because I’m basic and these are my jam.

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